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  1. Human heart, artwork
  2. Electrical conduction in the heart controlled by pacemaker cells in the sinoatrial node.
  3. Cross section of normal heart walls compared to walls that have experienced hypertrophy
  4. Heart and Brain
  5. Human foot anatomy showing skin, veins, arteries, muscles and bones
  6. Red blood cells and molecules, artwork
  7. Heart attack, artwork
  8. Blood cells in blood vessel, artwork
  9. Heart anatomy, 19th Century illustration
  10. Cardiovascular system, historical artwork
  11. Human body showing heart and main circulatory system position
  12. Cross-section of human heart. cardiovascular system
  13. Structure of a human heart, artwork
  14. Cardiovascular system, artwork
  15. Electrocardiogram showing the deflections of the alternate contractions of the heart
  16. Veins and nerves of the neck. cardiovascular system, nervous system
  17. Superficial arteries and veins of face and scalp. cardiovascular system
  18. Pulmonary veins and arteries. circulation, cardiovascular system
  19. Internal view of the human heart
  20. Anatomy diagram showing crucial veins in human head and neck
  21. Heart anatomy, 18th century
  22. Heart anatomy, 19th Century illustration
  23. Arterial embolism
  24. Coronary artery disease
  25. Anatomy of human circulatory system
  26. Blood clot, SEM
  27. Artwork of bronchodilator action in asthma
  28. Artwork of cerebral embolism, cause of stroke
  29. Anatomy of human body and circulatory system, front view
  30. Arterial supply and venous drainage of the organs.
  31. Cross section of human heart
  32. Build-up of atherosclerotic plaque in an artery
  33. Heart with arteries showing cholesterol in one and plaque in the other
  34. Veins of the posterior abdominal wall. cardiovascular system
  35. Circulatory system and brain, artwork
  36. Circulatory system and brain, artwork
  37. Diagram of normal heart valve compared to artificial heart valve
  38. Heart anatomy, 19th Century illustration
  39. The arteries of the brain
  40. Human heart, artwork
  41. Arteries of the posterior abdominal wall. cardiovascular system
  42. Transverse section of an artery. cardiovascular system, circulatory system
  43. Artwork showing a cut-away of a human arteriole
  44. Human Heart Views
  45. Illustration of coronary artery atherosclerosis
  46. Heart disease, artwork
  47. Heart in situ. cardiovascular system, respiratory system
  48. Human upper body showing bones, lungs and circulatory system