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  1. Loch Meadie, Sutherland, Highland region, Scotland, UK
  2. Mushroom Chart I light
  3. Almond trees in blossom in spring in a vineyard, Languedoc Roussillon, France
  4. Microscopic view of plant tissues
  5. Neutral Botanical II
  6. Poppy, 19th century artwork
  7. Water lilies
  8. Spring Ferns IV
  9. Printed Arena Botanical IV
  10. Neutral Botanical VI
  11. Geranium (Pelargonium sp.) leaves
  12. The Stamen Of A Flower
  13. Femme Paris VI
  14. Spring grasses, Surrey, England, United Kingdom, Europe
  15. Pollination
  16. Man Holding Cut-Leaved Coneflower Seedling In Hands
  17. Veiled Leaf II
  18. Bellflower Petal
  19. Yeast cells, SEM
  20. Tulips
  21. Closeup Of Flower Stamen
  22. Blueprints 3
  23. Protea II
  24. Indigo Botany Study VII
  25. Grass stem, SEM
  26. Bluebird Branch II
  27. Sobralia Macrantha
  28. Burlap Bee Floral
  29. Alluring Botanical VII
  30. Mushroom anatomy, diagram
  31. Sex organs of the lenten rose flower
  32. Douglas Oak
  33. Royal Foliage III
  34. Poppy Bouquet II
  35. Pea flower pollination, SEM
  36. Bluebird Branch I
  37. Art of vascular system in a root
  38. Turpin Tropicals VIII
  39. Histoire Naturelle VI
  40. Typical backwater scene, waterway fringed by palm trees, Kerala, India
  41. Foliage and Blooms I
  42. Photosynthesis, illustration
  43. Bradbury Seaweed I
  44. Easter cactus stigma, SEM
  45. Coiled lily leaf, SEM
  46. Vegetation Profile Of A Temperate Deciduous Forest
  47. Turpin Tropicals II
  48. Sycamore leaf bud, light micrograph