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  1. Sioux Chief Sitting Bull
  2. The Last of the Buffalo, by Albert Bierstadt, 1888
  3. Native American Chiefs
  4. Black Foot North American Indian with teepee
  5. Native American Warrior
  6. In the Cheyenne Country, 1896
  7. Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota tribal chief
  8. Sioux Council
  9. Buffalo Bill's Wild West - Vintage Advertisement
  10. Buffalo Hunt, 1891
  11. Acoma New Mexico Vintage Photograph
  12. Sioux Chiefs after a meeting at the White House, Washington
  13. The Buffalo Hunt
  14. Digitally restored American history print of the Battle of Little Bighorn
  15. Sunburst
  16. The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas, 1844-45
  17. Mato-tope, Second Chief of the Mandans
  18. Blue Water Creek Battle
  19. Lacrosse Playing, 1851
  20. New Mexico Pueblo de Taos Vintage Photograph
  21. White Wolf, a Comanche Chief, c.1891-98
  22. Native American Chief Performing a Ceremony
  23. Charging Indians on Horseback
  24. Indian Warrior with Pipe
  25. Sioux war dance
  26. Navaho woman carrying a papoose on her back, c.1914
  27. Meat For the Tribe, 1891
  28. Hudson Bay Trading Post On Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana Territory, c1860
  29. Apache Group, c1906
  30. Prairie Indian Encampment, c.1870
  31. On the Missouri, 1922
  32. Prowlers of the Prairie
  33. The Smoke Signal
  34. Portrait of Dieguito Roybal of San Ildefonso
  35. An Indian Trapper
  36. Apache Men, c1903
  37. A Native American Family Sits Outside Their Teepee
  38. Chief Joseph Of The Nez Perce Tribe In Full Traditional Tribal Dress, Circa 1900
  39. Indians transporting furs through the Canadian wilderness, 1858
  40. Indian Boy at Fort Snelling, 1862
  41. Sioux at Ft. Laramie
  42. An Indian War Party
  43. Medicine Dance
  44. The Gift
  45. Widow of an Indian Chief, 1785
  46. Hudson: New York, 1609
  47. Curtis, Crow Men, c1905
  48. Bodmer, Blackfoot Horseman