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  1. Antique Map of the Great Lakes and the Midwest US, 1755
  2. Revolutionary War Painting showing the surrender of British General John Burgoyne
  3. A New Map of Virginia, Maryland, And Parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 1719
  4. Antique Map of the Gulf Coast, 1747
  5. Antique Map of Philadelphia, 1875
  6. Antique Map of the Mid Atlantic and New England, 1685
  7. The Join or Die print was a political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin
  8. Map Of United States Expansion
  9. A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America, 1755
  10. Antique Map of Massachusetts, 1775
  11. The Town of Boston, with the Intrenchments etc. of His Majestys Forces in 1775
  12. Join, Or Die Political Cartoon By Benjamin Franklin
  13. Antique Map of the Peninsula of Florida, ca. 1639
  14. Map: New Netherlands, 1656
  15. View of Fort Snelling, c.1850
  16. The Departure Of The Pilgrim Fathers, 1620
  17. Antique Map of New York City, 1639
  18. The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts
  19. 13 Star American Flag
  20. Replica of Mayflower II
  21. Manhattan Purchase, 1626
  22. New York: Map, 1767
  23. Yankee Doodle 1776
  24. Plymouth, Massachusetts - Mayflower: Retro Travel Poster
  25. Benjamin Franklin and Kite
  26. Plymouth, Massachusetts - Nautical Chart: Retro Travel Poster
  27. Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts - Mayflower II: Retro Travel Poster
  28. Historical map and vignette of Lake George in New York state
  29. Twenty-two Houses and a Church, by Anonymous from western New York State
  30. Sir Francis Drake's Attack On Saint Augustine, Florida On May 28-29, 1586
  31. William Penn and colonialists at conference
  32. The Empire's Strength - Propaganda Poster
  33. Map of the Americas 1596
  34. Illustration of Native Americans pointing with Pocahontas in the background
  35. Initials on a Tree, a Clue to the Lost Colony of Roanoke
  36. Plymouth, Massachusetts - Pilgrims going to Church: Retro Travel Poster
  37. Manhattan Purchase, 1626
  38. New Amsterdam, by Anonymous Artist, c. 1660, Dutch painting
  39. Puritan Couple On Way To Sunday Worship
  40. Manhattan Purchase, 1626
  41. Peter Stuyvesant
  42. New Amsterdam, C.1627
  43. New Amsterdam: Palisades
  44. New Amsterdam, 1650
  45. New Amsterdam, 1665
  46. New Amsterdam: Boundary