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  1. Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) grows off the coast of California
  2. A thorny seahorse on the seafloor of Lembeh Strait
  3. Beams of sunlight shine down into a mangrove forest
  4. A large lion's mane jellyfish swims in a kelp forest
  5. A Humpback Whale Breaches Out Of The Blue Waters Of The Caribbean Sea
  6. Abstract Of The Tentacles On A Bulbed-Anemone In Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
  7. A large reef manta ray swims through clear water in Raja Ampat
  8. A traditional fish trap made out of bamboo in the waters off Indonesia
  9. Snorkelers swim above a blue hole on Palau's barrier reef
  10. Vibrant Soft Corals, Dendronephthya Sp., Thrive In Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  11. A healthy and diverse coral reef grows in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  12. Sunlight descends underwater and into a crevice in a reef in the Solomon Islands
  13. Golden jellyfish swim inside a lake in the Republic of Palau
  14. Soft leather corals grow in the shallow waters in the Solomon Islands
  15. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California
  16. Colorful reef-building corals grow on a reef inside Palau's lagoon
  17. A Loggerhead Sea Turtle Swimming In Turneffe Atoll, Belize
  18. Bright sunlight pierces a shallow World War II shipwreck
  19. Colorful Mandarinfish (Synchiropus Spledidus)
  20. A peacock mantis shrimp crawls across a reef in Komodo National Park
  21. Beautiful Mushroom Coral And Reef Fish Amid The Islands Of Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  22. A Colorful Coral Reef Full Of Gorgonians, Grows Along The Edge Of Turneffe Atoll
  23. A Colorful Nudibranch Crawls Across The Seafloor Of Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
  24. A Beautiful Nudibranch Crawls Over The Seafloor
  25. A Beautiful Feather Duster Worm
  26. A Pair Of Chromodoris Annae Nudibranch Crawl On A Large Tunicate
  27. A Beautiful Coral Reef Thrives In Komodo National Park, Indonesia
  28. A spotted eagle ray swims over the seafloor near Cocos Island, Costa Rica
  29. A colorful coral reef is covered by fish in Indonesia
  30. A Pair Of Harlequin Shrimp Lie On The Seafloor Of Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
  31. Saddleback Anemonefish Embryos Develop On The Seafloor
  32. A Beautiful And Healthy Coral Reef Grows In Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  33. A Juvenile Barramundi Cod
  34. An ornate ghost pipefish blends into its environment
  35. A shortfin lionfish lays on the seafloor waiting for prey
  36. A shipwreck now serves as an artificial reef in Palau's inner lagoon
  37. A Beautiful Coral Reef Grows Near An Island In The Banda Sea, Indonesia
  38. A Glossodoris Cincta Nudibranch
  39. Mother And Calf Humpback Whales Swim In The Blue Waters Of The Caribbean Sea
  40. Mother and calf humpback whales swimming just under the surface
  41. A Large School Of Slender Silversides Swimming Through A Blue Water Mangrove
  42. A West Indian Starfish Crawls Over A Sandy Seafloor In Turneffe Atoll
  43. Beams Of Light Descend Into The Darkness Of A Cavern In The Solomon Islands
  44. Colorful starfish cover the bottom of a giant kelp forest
  45. A Split Level View Of A Coral Reef Along The Edge Of Turneffe Atoll
  46. Beams of sunlight filter among the prop roots of a mangrove forest
  47. Detail of the spiral tentacles arrangement of a feather duster worm
  48. A Fimbriated Moray Eel Opens Its Jaws