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  1. Human heart, artwork
  2. Artwork of ear, nose
  3. Slipped disc
  4. Illustration of syringe needle drawing blood lipid
  5. Artwork of cervical vertebra from human spine
  6. Osteoporitic spine
  7. Illustration of a whiplash injury to the neck
  8. Artwork of drug transmission to brain nerve cell
  9. Artwork of cochlear implant in ear
  10. Eye anatomy, artwork
  11. Sickle cell anaemia
  12. Artwork of tooth showing periodontal disease
  13. Artwork of alveoli
  14. Illustration showing diverticulitis of the colon
  15. Artwork of foetus at 36th week of pregancy
  16. Inner ear
  17. Brain and vision
  18. Nerve synapse
  19. Artwork: penetration of skin by various lasers
  20. Artwork of eye
  21. Lung bronchioles
  22. Nose, mouth and throat
  23. Artwork of osteoarthritis of knee joint
  24. Antibiotic acting on bacteria
  25. Artwork of the structure of the front of an eye
  26. Illustration of septal cirrhosis of the liver
  27. Illustration of a calculus or stone in the kidney
  28. Art of gastro-oesophageal reflux in hiatus hernia
  29. Art of section through human eye showing glaucoma
  30. Artwork showing calcaneal spur and foot pain
  31. Illustration of arthritis sites on the body
  32. Artwork of effects of asthma inhaler on man's lung
  33. Angina pectoris
  34. Antibiotic destroying a bacterium
  35. Illustration of lung bronchioles and alveoli
  36. Illustration of the human placenta
  37. Heart disease, artwork
  38. Cell structure
  39. Art of pulmonary tuberculosis with lung cavities
  40. Osteoporosis
  41. Artwork showing a cut-away of a human arteriole
  42. Artwork of the pancreas showing insulin production
  43. Illustration of coronary artery atherosclerosis
  44. Illustration of a 32 day old human embryo
  45. Artwork of the respiratory system of an asthmatic
  46. Artwork of cerebral embolism, cause of stroke
  47. Artwork of nematode worms Ascaris sp. in intestine
  48. Artwork of Crohn's disease of the small intestine