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  1. A combine harvests mature soybeans at sunset with a farmstead in the distance, Illinois
  2. Chemical application
  3. Center pivot irrigation on a mid growth peanut field, West Texas
  4. Closeup of a partially open cotton boll, Mississippi
  5. Silhouette of a farmer examining an early growth corn plant at sunrise
  6. Large field of harvest stage cotton with farm buildings and grain bins in late afternoon
  7. A Case IH Module Express 625 (on board module maker) cotton picker harvesting cotton
  8. Closeup of partially husked ears of sweet corn in a shipping crate, Tennessee
  9. Maturing heads of grain sorghum (milo), Arkansas
  10. Closeup of a mature open 5-lock cotton boll that is ready for harvest
  11. Closeup view of mid growth rice in a field with grain bins in the distance, Arkansas
  12. Field of mid growth pre-tassel stage grain corn at sunset with a farmstead
  13. Strawberries on the plants, closeup, Plant City, Florida
  14. Silhouette of a crop consultant checking harvest stage cotton at sunset, Mississippi
  15. Healthy immature ears of grain corn on the stalk with silks just beginning to dry
  16. Rows of healthy mid growth peanuts, Georgia
  17. Mature seedless watermelon on the vine, Missouri
  18. Harvested mature seedless watermelons ready for shipping, Missouri
  19. Emerging cotton seedlings, Mississippi Delta
  20. Mature watermelon in the field, ready for harvest, Tennessee
  21. Harvested peanuts piled up in a truck, Georgia
  22. Mature cantaloupe in the field, ready for harvest, Florida
  23. Field of mid growth cotton with fruiting well underway, Mississippi
  24. Soybean harvesting, Arkansas
  25. Early growth rice plants in a newly flooded field with a levee
  26. Rows of mid growth cotton at early bloom stage, in late afternoon light, Mississippi
  27. A gravel country road passes between fields of grain sorghum and soybeans
  28. Large field of healthy early growth cotton plants at the 6-8 leaf stage
  29. Grapefruit piled up in a truck at a juice plant awaiting processing, Florida
  30. Mature pumpkin on the vine, Tennessee
  31. A mature soybean pod in the hand of a farmer, with the pod opened up
  32. Closeup of a pink cotton bloom, Arkansas
  33. Okra pod on the plant, Tennessee
  34. Field of mid growth Flue Cured tobacco plants, with sprinkler irrigation
  35. Immature, unripe pummelos on the tree, a tropical fruit
  36. Early growth soybean plants growing in a minimum tillage field, Mississippi
  37. Large field of healthy peanuts being irrigated by a center pivot irrigation system
  38. Closeup of a farmer's hand and an early growth Roundup Ready grain corn plant
  39. Sideview of a stand of mid growth sugarcane, Louisiana
  40. Mature Burley tobacco, Kentucky
  41. Field of mid growth staked fresh market tomato plants, Florida
  42. Snow covered field of shredded cotton stalks in mid winter with farm buildings
  43. Field of mid growth grain corn at the pre-tassel stage in early morning light
  44. Rice harvest, Arkansas
  45. A farmer inspects his mature cotton crop prior to harvest at sunset, Arkansas
  46. Closeup of mature, harvest stage rice plants with full heads, Mississippi
  47. Field of early growth reduced tillage cotton, Mississippi
  48. Closeup of drilled mid growth soybean foliage, Arkansas