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Modern Abstract Art: Celebrating Black Artists

Over the past year the Great Big Canvas curation team has made great strides in expanding our social awareness and, in turn, expanding our Art collection to include captivating imagery from more diverse points of view. This is Part Two of our three-part series to highlight unique perspectives from Black artists coinciding with the celebration of Black History Month 2021.

“Abstract art can be full of mood as any realistic art.” – Carrol C. Platt
Two side by side modern abstract artworks by artist, Nikki Chu
Featured Art: He Said & Newstalgia by Nikki Chu

The world of modern abstract art may first appear as a chaotic spread of color, lines, and shapes with no rhyme or reason. Take a moment to look a little deeper. Those individual elements combine to create a powerful impact, capturing elusive emotions, and make a bold statement. Whether the artist is reacting to the world around them, capturing a particular moment through color, or expressing their inner thoughts on the canvas, abstract art seeks to open a dialog between the art and the audience (that’s you!). In part two of Great Big Canvas’s Black History month series, take a moment to feel a connection with these talented contemporary abstract artists:

Brightly colored wall art hung on a wall of a bohemian-styled space
Featured Art: Modern Turban Woman Number 5
Left: Abstract figure wearing a turban on a brightly colored background Right: Black and gold paint strokes on a geometric background
Featured Art: Modern Turban Woman & Knotted

Nikki Chu

Toronto native Nikki Chu has had a passion to design since childhood. As both an artist and interior designer, Nikki loves to combine colors and patterns from her culture with modern lines and an eye for current trends. The end result? Her collection of unique and glamorous paintings! She now works out of LA and Dallas creating new art and helping others design beautiful spaces. Keep up with her latest projects on her page here.

Two abstract watercolors in warm and cool tones suggesting architecture and bouquet of purple flowers
Featured Art: Along the Costa Del Sol II & African Violet I
Abstracted watercolor art of wine bottles on the left and three jazz players on the right
Featured Art: Dinner Party II & Jazz Trio I

Samuel Dixon

Abstract art is not always unknown forms and colors. Abstract impressionist Samuel Dixon re-creates the world around him in loosely rendered watercolors. Through experimenting with lines and colors, he infuses motion and unique emotions into each subject. Learn more about the artist in his own words here.

Very bright abstract paintings with cacti and toucan illustrated on top
Featured Art: Pink Desert & Toucan
Swirly paint strokes making an abstract acrylic painting that transitions from warm colors to cool tones
Featured Art: Brushstrokes 90
Left: Teal and gold print in a gold frame hung in a office setting. Right: Colorful digital abstract painting primarily in warm colors
Featured Art: Rainbow Riviera 1 & Bright Marble 2

EttaVee Art

Artist, designer and social media influencer, Jessi Raulet, is well known for her hand-painted, bright and bold designs. Using vibrantly optimistic color palettes, Jessi’s work radiates good vibes. EttaVee Art was born in 2013, when Jessi moved to Paris for love and started creating colorful fine art pieces and designs to brighten up her surroundings. Her art is inspired by life in France, travel adventures, tropical settings, colorful fruit and pop culture.

side by side block prints in orange, grays and black
Featured Art: Layered Shapes No.1 & Pieced Together No.2.1 In Burnt Orange
Large black abstract forms on white showing a slight texture in the paint
Featured Art: Large Modern Contemporary Forms In Black

Toni Point

Co-founder of the New Orleans-based art duo The Collective Shop, Toni Point creates art blending modern color with nostalgic imagery. In another mashup of old and new, Toni’s work features traditional block-prints techniques dating back to some of the earliest methods of creating art, using limited color palettes and thick geometric forms, in her contemporary compositions.

Featured Art: Light & Discotheque Showboats
Featured Art: The Lovers The Dreamers

Alloyius Mcilwaine

Philadelphia native Alloyius Mcilwaine creates bold, colorful freestyle abstract art. A self-taught artist, his journey to fine art started at age 3 recreating his favorite comic book images, then into hand-painted custom t-shirts and creation of Cultures Clothing Company. Moving from cotton fabric to canvas was another natural growth when his love of combining colors and graffiti-influenced style inspired him to experiment with freestyle abstract art - aka art that is improvised on the spot without any predefined concept or idea or rules.

Still think you might not ‘understand’ abstract art? Have you ever felt something inexplicable stir inside your chest when seeing a particular pair of colors interact or a bold stroke crisscross a canvas - if so, then you’ve got it! Art is all about experiencing emotion in the moment, so don’t be afraid to incorporate a piece that moves you into your home.

We love to hear what you think about these pieces or how you decorate with modern abstract art! Chat with us on Facebook or Instagram.