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  1. Bison Standing In Snow Among Poplar Trees In Elk Island National Park Alberta, Canada
  2. Bison In The Snow, Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada
  3. Mystery Pool Player Behind Rack Of Billiard Balls
  4. Wood Bison In A Forest In Winter In Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada
  5. Bird On A Branch
  6. Cowboy Lassoing Horses, Senaca, Oregon, USA
  7. Brown Bear Sow And Her Three Cubs Walking On A Beach, Alaska
  8. Two Polar Bears Touching Noses Or Kissing; Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  9. Bison In Winter
  10. Two Polar Bears Snuggling
  11. Group Of Cowboys Around A Campfire
  12. Bison In Winter
  13. Sow Moose And Calves At Waterton National Park; Alberta, Canada
  14. Buffalo By River Bank
  15. Cowboy Riding With Herd Of Horses; Senaca, Oregon, Usa
  16. Wild Horses
  17. Polar Bear Walking
  18. Bison In Winter
  19. Forest In The Winter
  20. Winter Forest
  21. Elk (Cervus Canadensis) Bull Looking To The Side
  22. Bird On A Branch
  23. Wolf In The Snow
  24. Bison, Close Up
  25. Old Farm Tractor
  26. Cougar Hunting
  27. Bison In Winter
  28. Trappers Tent Lit Up With Aurora Borealis, Manitoba, Canada
  29. Two Grizzly Bears
  30. Lightning Strikes In The Sky Behind A Tree; Alberta, Canada
  31. Side View Of American Bald Eagle Perched On Evergreen Branch
  32. Abandoned Farm House
  33. Two Polar Bears Laying Together
  34. White-Tailed Deer Peering Out Of The Woods
  35. Polar Bear Mother And Her Cubs Playing In The Snow; Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  36. Woman Riding A Horse
  37. Polar Bear
  38. Mother Polar Bear Playing With Her Cub In The Snow, Manitoba, Canada
  39. Running Horses
  40. Buffalo At Sunset In Elk Island National Park; Alberta, Canada
  41. Eagle In The Woods
  42. Galloping Horses
  43. Moose Sitting In A Green Field Of Grass
  44. Two Canada Lynx Kittens Playing On A Log; Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  45. Flying Pelican
  46. Maple Leaf
  47. Buffalo In The Snow
  48. Polar Bear Sow And Cubs Walking In Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada