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  1. Bolts of electricity discharging in the lab of Nikola Tesla
  2. Laundry Pin Up Girl
  3. Gone Fishing Pin Up Girl
  4. Motorboating Pin Up Girl
  5. Showering Pin Up Girl
  6. Mr Fezziwig's Ball, from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (1812-70) 1843
  7. Barbier II
  8. Bikini Pin Up Girl
  9. Nurse Pin Up Girl
  10. Illustration Of The Death Of Sherlock Holmes By Sidney Paget
  11. Booshuana Village, Southern African Village
  12. Apple Picking Pin Up Girl
  13. Sorrow, 1882
  14. Theodore D. Roosevelt, 1858 To 1919. 26Th President Of The United States
  15. Going For A Drive Pin Up Girl
  16. Illustration Of Sojourner Truth After A Photograph
  17. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, pub. 1907
  18. One Happy Girl
  19. The Knight Of Death, Sin And Death Accompany Him, Circa 1880
  20. Portrait of Frederick Douglass
  21. The Dance Of The Fairies
  22. Funhouse Pin Up Girl
  23. Christian Knights fight Saracens, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  24. Rodeo Pin Up Girl
  25. Spanish Dancer Pin Up Girl
  26. Fence-hopping Pin Up Girl
  27. Black Is, Baby
  28. Barbier Two Ladies Under the Crescent Moon
  29. One Happy Girl
  30. Montgolfier Brothers Hot-air Balloon Before the Royal Family at Versailles, 1783
  31. Inferno By Dante Alighieri, Canto XXII, Lines 125, 126
  32. Baking Pin Up Girl
  33. The North Wind and the Robin
  34. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) illustration from World Noted Women
  35. Godfrey's soldiers drive through the Muslim Army, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  36. The Spirit Of The Masons, Engraved By Stephane Pannemaker
  37. Love By Le Pape
  38. Evening Pin Up Girl
  39. Napoleonic Wars, Portrait of Haiti's leader, Toussaint L'ouverture, By Louis Bombled
  40. The Monkey And The Dolphin After A Work By Gustave Dore, 1885
  41. Bowling Lane Pin Up Girl
  42. Women Working In Munitions Factory, 1915
  43. Inferno By Dante Alighieri, Canto VIII, Lines 39 To 41
  44. Modern Comanche, 1891
  45. A Japanese Lancer From The Shogun's Troops, 1875
  46. Krakowiak, Tance Polskie, 1927
  47. Paquin Dress
  48. 1636 Galileo Galilei portrait astronomer