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  1. Coronation of the Virgin, c.1641-42
  2. Christ on the Cross, c.1630
  3. Christ Crucified
  4. Las Meninas
  5. Las Meninas or The Family of Philip IV, c.1656
  6. Crowning of the Virgin Mary, by Diego Rodriguez Velazquez, 1641-1642. Prado Museum
  7. Las Meninas, The Maids of Honor, 1656
  8. The Coronation of the Virgin, 1641-42
  9. Juan de Pareja, 1650
  10. Temptation of St.Thomas Aquinas
  11. The Spinners, or The Fable of Arachne, 1657
  12. The Gardens of the Villa Medici in Rome, c.1650-51
  13. The Infanta Maria Marguerita. 1650
  14. Head of a Stag, 1634
  15. Waterseller of Seville, c.1620
  16. Self-Portrait, by Diego Rodriguez Velazquez, 1631. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
  17. The Surrender of Breda, 1625, c.1635
  18. Las Meninas or The Family of Philip IV, c.1656
  19. Kitchen Scene
  20. The Rokeby Venus By Diego Velazquez
  21. Madre Maria Jeronima de la Fuente, 1620
  22. Equestrian Portrait of Don Gaspar de Guzman Count-Duke of Olivares, 1634
  23. The Immaculate Conception, c.1618
  24. Dona Antonia de Ipenarrieta y Galdos (1599-1635) and her Son, c.1631
  25. Triumph of Bacchus, 1628
  26. Queen Isabel de Bourbon, wife of Philip IV, on Horseback, 1635
  27. Equestrian Portrait of Philip IV (1605-65) c.1636
  28. Infanta Margarita (1651-73) in Blue, 1659
  29. The Infanta Margarita Teresa of Spain in a Red Dress, 1653
  30. Old woman cooking eggs
  31. Las Meninas or The Family of Philip IV, detail of the artist at his easel, c.1656
  32. Equestrian Portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares, 1634
  33. The Apostle St. Thomas, c.1619-20
  34. The Adoration of the Magi, 1619
  35. The Spinners or The fable of Arachne by Diego Velazquez
  36. Prince Balthasar Carlos on horseback, c.1635-36
  37. Mars
  38. Philip IV (1605-65) of Spain in Brown and Silver, c.1631-2
  39. Portrait of Queen Maria Anna (1635-96) of Spain
  40. Supper at Emmaus, 1620
  41. Philip IV Hunting Wild Boar (La Tela Real), c.1632-7
  42. Queen Maria Anna of Spain in a red dress, 1655-60
  43. The Forge of Vulcan, 1630
  44. Mars, God of War
  45. Adoration of the Kings, 1619
  46. Equestrian portrait of Prince Baltasar Carlos by Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez
  47. The Infanta Maria Marguerita (1651-73) in Pink
  48. Three Musicians, 1618