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  1. Madonna With Child and St. Anthony Of Padua, 17Th C. Brera Gallery, M
  2. Madonna With Child, By Follower Of Vitale Da Bologna, 1345-1350. Urbino, Italy
  3. The Annunciation With Saint Emidius By Carlo Crivelli
  4. The Madonna Litta By Leonardo Da Vinci
  5. Coronation Of The Virgin, By Beato Angelico, 1438-1446. Florence, Italy
  6. Annunciation, illustration for 'The Life of Christ', c.1886-96
  7. The Virgin Mary cared for her child Jesus with simplicity and joy, 1997
  8. Mary
  9. A Flight Into Egypt
  10. Madonna di Loreto, by Caravaggio, c. 1604-1606. Sant Agostino Church, Cavalletti Chapel
  11. The Virgin adoring the host by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
  12. Sleep of the Child Jesus by Sassoferrato
  13. Pieta, 1890
  14. The Madonna and Child in a Floral Garland
  15. Nativity, by Ludwig Mayer, 1891. Treviso, Italy
  16. The Coronation of the Virgin Mary and the Glory of all the Saints, 2003
  17. Annunciation By Benvenuto Tisi Da Garofalo
  18. Virgin Mary Statue In The Rocks
  19. Madonna and Child
  20. Mary holding baby Jesus
  21. The Nativity, c.1596-98
  22. Madonna and Child, Bartolomo Esteban Murillo, 1650-1655, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy
  23. Greek Orthodox Icon Depicting Mary As A Well Of Life, Thessalonica, Macedonia, Greece
  24. Pieta, by Giovanni Bellini, ca. 1504-1505. Accademia Art Galleries, Venice, Italy
  25. Nativity and the Adoration of the Shepherds, by Giuseppe Vermiglio. Brera Gallery, Milan
  26. Christ on the Cross, 1835
  27. Presentation At The Temple, By Giovanni Bellini, 1460-1464.
  28. Greek Orthodox icon depicting the Visitation, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
  29. Holy Family And Saints Contending With Devil For Souls, By Giorgio Gandini Del Grano
  30. Turkey, Istanbul, Mosaic of Virgin Mary holding Jesus in Haghia Sophia Mosque
  31. Simeon and Hannah in the Temple, c.1627
  32. Flight In Egypt By Maerten Ryckaert
  33. Icon Of The Virgin Eleousa Of Kykkos By Simon Ushakov
  34. The Adoration of the Shepherds. Detail. 1609
  35. The Annunciation, c.1623
  36. Madonna Of The Rosary, By Caravaggio, C. 1606-1607. Vienna, Austria
  37. The sorrowful Virgin Mary holds her Son Jesus after His death, 1994
  38. Madonna and Child
  39. Madonna Of The Goldfinch By Raphael
  40. Mary holding Jesus
  41. The Small Cowper Madonna, by Raphael, c. 1505
  42. The Annunciation, c. 1423-24
  43. Immaculate Conception of the Escorial, c.1678
  44. Annunciation, by Giuseppe Montalto, 17th c. San Sebastiano church, Milan, Italy
  45. Madonna Del Cardellino (Madonna Of The Goldfinch) By Raphael
  46. Mosaic Of The Virgin Mary, Milano Monumental Cemetery, Milan, Lombardy, Italy, Europe
  47. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Medjugorie, Mary's statue (detail)
  48. Adoration of the Magi