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  1. Vintage Teal Seaweed II
  2. Ocean Nostalgia I
  3. Suspended Seaweed II
  4. Pacific Sea Mosses X White Sq
  5. Seaweed Specimens X
  6. Seaweed Specimen in Coral III
  7. Seaweed Specimen in Coral II
  8. Coral Sea Feather II
  9. Sea Fan I
  10. Antique Coral Seaweed III
  11. Under Sea Treasures IV
  12. Brilliant Seaweed VIII
  13. Teal Seaweed III
  14. Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) grows off the coast of California
  15. Far Under the Sea III
  16. A scuba diver swims through an underwater field of tape grass
  17. Mixed Greens XXX
  18. Antique Coral Seaweed II
  19. Vintage Teal Seaweed IX
  20. Brilliant Seaweed VI
  21. Under Sea Treasures I Gold Neutral
  22. Water Gardens I
  23. Sea Fan VII
  24. Vintage Teal Seaweed V
  25. Vintage Teal Seaweed VII
  26. Indigo Kelp II
  27. Nature Print in Aqua II
  28. Mixed Greens XXXII
  29. Ocean Nostalgia II
  30. Peridot Seaweed IV
  31. Coral Sea Feather I
  32. Sea Ephemera II
  33. Under Sea Treasures II
  34. Seaweed Specimens III
  35. Teal Seaweed I
  36. Under Sea Treasures IV Gold Neutral
  37. Seaweed Specimens XIV
  38. Seaweed Specimens XII
  39. Brilliant Seaweed III
  40. Sea Fan 5
  41. Under Sea Forest VI
  42. Brilliant Seaweed II
  43. Antique Coral Study II
  44. Seaweed Specimens VI
  45. Under Sea Forest III
  46. Mixed Greens XVIII
  47. Nature Print in Aqua I
  48. Sea Fan 4