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  1. Destroy This Mad Brute propaganda poster
  2. Treat Em Rough, Join The Tanks Poster By August William Hutaf
  3. World War One poster of Marines charging into battle behind the American flag
  4. Navy Recruitment Poster By Howard Chandler Christy
  5. Fleet of U.S. Navy dreadnought battleships during World War I, 1917
  6. Knowledge Wins Poster By Dan Smith
  7. World War II Recruiting Poster
  8. The Trenches
  9. French Counter-Attack at Village of Vaux near Verdun, 1916
  10. German triple wing bi-plane The Red Baron
  11. World War I, Map, 1918
  12. The Slaughter on the Somme, WWI
  13. War Poster, C.1918, American war poster
  14. Every Girl Pulling For Victory - Vintage Propaganda Poster
  15. 1918
  16. Naval Battle
  17. Vintage World War I poster of the Statue of Liberty talking on the telephone
  18. Dogfight 1917, 1995
  19. Vintage World War I poster of Lady Liberty sleeping in a chair
  20. Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog of World War I, 1921
  21. I Want You For U.S. Army
  22. World War I: U.S. Poster
  23. Women Working In Munitions Factory, 1915
  24. World War I, Western Front
  25. Poster to support American troops fighting in World War I
  26. World War I: Navy Poster
  27. World War I propaganda poster of soldiers pulling artillery with horses
  28. Scottish regiment fighting German troops at Battle of Loos
  29. Treat 'Em Rough, Join The Tanks Recruitment Poster By August William Hutaf
  30. 1917 recruitment poster for the US Navy. After Wilson's April 1917 entry into WWI
  31. Vintage World War One photo of General John J. Pershing
  32. Memorial Day Poster
  33. World War One poster of a basket of yarn, two knitting needles, and a red cross
  34. World War I poster of Uncle Sam standing with his hands on his hips
  35. Vintage World War I poster of a U.S. soldier firing a machine gun on a battlefield
  36. Third Liberty Loan Campaign - Boys Scouts of America, 1917
  37. Vintage World War I poster of two marines signaling a ship with a flag
  38. Follow The Flag Recruitment Poster By James Daugherty
  39. A Human Formation Of The Liberty Bell At Camp Dix, New Jersey, 1918, World War I
  40. Vintage World War One poster featuring the Marine Corps Emblem
  41. Food - Don't Waste It, 1917
  42. World War I: Savings Stamps
  43. Vintage World War I poster of Uncle Sam with a horse
  44. A Seaplane Of The England's Royal Naval Air Service, WWI
  45. Vintage World War I poster of African American troops in battle during World War I
  46. Vintage World War I poster of a U.S. Army officer on horseback
  47. San Francisco Chronicle announcing the end of World War I, 1918
  48. The Navy Needs You, U.S. Navy Recruiting Station Poster By James Montgomery Flagg