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  1. Washington Crossing The Delaware By Emanuel Leutze
  2. Barack Obama (2008)
  3. Painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware
  4. American Civil War painting of President Abraham Lincoln holding the American flag
  5. Painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware
  6. Thomas Jefferson By Rembrandt Peale
  7. George Washington, c.1821
  8. The Peacemakers By George P.A. Healy
  9. Washington Crossing the Delaware
  10. The Resignation of George Washington on 23rd December 1783, c.1822
  11. Vintage Revolutionary War print of General George Washington praying at Valley Forge
  12. Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
  13. President Donald Trump
  14. Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt
  15. Abraham Lincoln, Head and Shoulders
  16. Obama: Change
  17. George Washington's triumphant entry into New York City, 1783
  18. Portrait painting of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  19. Abraham Lincoln, 1888
  20. General George Washington at Trenton, 1792
  21. Obama
  22. George Washington, by Rembrandt Peale, c. 1850
  23. George Washington, 1819
  24. Circuit Lawyer
  25. Lincoln The Railsplitter
  26. Digitally restored vector photo of President Ronald Reagan in front of American Flag
  27. George Washington before the Battle of Trenton
  28. Obama: Believe
  29. Religious Book Week, Good Books Build Character
  30. President Dwight Eisenhower with Golf Champions at Augusta, Georgia, c. 1953
  31. President Barack Obama
  32. Signature of George Washington
  33. John Adams, by Gilbert Stuart, c. 1800-15
  34. Americans In Berlin, 1945, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Patton
  35. Print Of President George Washington Dressed As A Freemason
  36. Abraham Lincoln, by George Peter Alexander Healy, 1860
  37. American Civil War painting of President Abraham Lincoln seated in a chair
  38. George Washington, by Gilbert Stuart, c. 1803-05
  39. Abe
  40. Founding fathers in front of the Declaration of Independance.
  41. Vintage print of the first twenty-one Presidents seated together in The White House
  42. Washington DC
  43. Abraham Lincoln
  44. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas debating at Charleston, Illinois
  45. Vintage Civil War photo of President Abraham Lincoln
  46. The Presidents Educational Poster, 2013
  47. Vintage Civil War era print of President Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg Address
  48. Andrew Jackson, by Thomas Sully, 1845