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How To Use Retro Bright Art in Every Space

Vibrant Maximalism canvas wall art in a bright, plant-filled living room interior.
Featured Art: Maximalist - Watermelon II by Inner Circle

Vintage doesn't mean muted or dusty anymore. Make the old new again by incorporating vivid 70s and 80s inspired color with vintage ad wall art and bright abstract prints. Bring in glowing accolades from friends and family by incorporating fresh and sunny bright accents with a vintage twist to your décor.

How can you capitalize on this primary color craze to decorate your home? It's not as hard as it may seem. From pop art to vintage ads, retro patterns to collage pastiches – you're sure to find art for your home décor within the varied faces of the Retro Brights movement.

Detailed close up image of rainbow collage umbrella artwork.
Detailed view of Pop Art - Sunshower Umbrella by Inner Circle

Retro-chic Rainbow

Did you know the first rainbow 8-pack of Crayola® crayons was created in 1903? Bright colors have been trending upward ever since. Skip the thrift store and get the vintage look without clutter with retro-chic wall art. Pair vintage ads and period photography fine art prints for a unique wall display for the modern eclectic style.

You can also add a more abstract retro-reference by accenting your wall with a pop of colorful geometric patterns. Worried that patterns may clash with your wall covering or other textures in the room? Try featuring pattern swatches in framed art prints – the negative space of the 2.5” mat will highlight the pattern, making it pop against any background.

Fox riding a bike framed art print in a wall display over a colorful living room couch.
Featured Art: Le Fox by ABC Wall Art

Your Home in Technicolor

Are those just stars in your eyes or the glitter and glamour of Hollywood lights? Bring the excitement and color of the movie-star lifestyle into your décor with classic movie wall art. Vintage movie posters or travel advertisements are a complementary choice for industrial or minimalist décor – adding a sleek pop of life, color, and movement all in one.

Create a unique gallery wall arrangement that’ll have heads turning by pairing Technicolor movie posters of the past with modern watercolors and bright acrylic canvas or photo prints. Your bright-eye catching wall art collection will soon have friends and family a-buzz, asking how they can create their own vibrant art display.

Colorful pop art comic inspired canvas print in a vibrant living room with contemporary furniture.
Featured Art: Left of Yes by Dan Monteavaro

Pop Art Craze

Pop art movements began in the 1950’s but really made a splash when it hit mainstream in the 60s and 70s. Bring this signature look into your décor with pop-inspired wall art for the home or office. Pop art is a versatile category which spans bold, angular monochrome abstracts to vivid, over-saturated portraiture. The most famous element of pop art may be the trend of repeating the same image – doubling, tripling, or repeating tens of times – in primary colors to create a hyper realistic effect.

“How do I decorate with art this bold?” you may be thinking. Never fear – it’s easy to decorate with pop art. Liven up the living room or revive the office break room with a bright, splashy gallery wall. For traditional, neutral walls and home décor, select two to three canvas prints in your favorite neon color to give your décor an edge. For spaces which are already brightly colored or heavily patterned, select framed art photo prints in a contrasting or complementary colors.

Detailed view of a photographic collage featuring bright colors and vintage rollerskaters.
Detailed view of Vintage Roller Skating by SEA Studio


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… ? A rising trend in bright, colorful art is mixed media collage work – combining elements of vintage and retro art with modern styles. Layering multiple styles into more than the sum of their parts, large scale art prints of collage work are a great focal piece for your living room, kitchen, or dining room décor – any gathering space in the home.

A collage can fit in well with traditional, bohemian, eclectic home décor and more, functioning to tie together all your unique design influences. Framed photo prints work well to highlight the detail in small collage groupings or try a big splashy canvas collage on it’s own as a statement piece. Find your new art inspiration and decorate your home with collage art.

Ready to decorate with all your favorite colors? Check our carefully curated Retro Brights Art Inspiration Collection for your home or office.