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2021 Modern Office Décor and Art Ideas

Contemporary abstract art print featuring minimal linework hung in a modern office with Eames Lounger chairs
Featured Art: B You by B. Robert

Your office is your command center, your launch pad, your think tank, and sometimes, even your escape (we're looking at you Don Draper). You spend the majority of your time at work or at home, or for some, both at the same time from a home office. It becomes critical then, to prioritize time to fully realize your own unique style. Only then can you achieve optimal output and do your best, most inspired work. Don't believe us? Well, here's some science...

Art Makes You Work Better

In a study performed by Exeter University's School of Psychology, they tested over 2,000 office staff in to see what would happen if they worked in a room with nothing in it, a little bit of décor in it, and then a version where the employees got to decorate the room themselves. Team members who worked in a room with just a little bit of decoration (succulent plants, art on the walls) were 17% more productive than those in rooms with nothing in them. But what about the people who got to decorate their own office? Their productivity was up 32%. So, next time your boss says "get back to work" when you're straightening your wall art, you can say: "I am."

Achieving Your Look

Now that we have the science out of the way and know wall art is important to helping you love the room you're in, how do you actually bring your vision to life? We'll help! Here are a few modern office décor art trends to make your office your own. No interior designer needed.

Modern framed art prints in a dark modern office space
Artwork from the Midnight and Obsidian collection

Deep Blacks

Navy is the new black. If you want to convey strength in commanding visuals, this is the style for you. Deep black colors are paired with dark, inky blues. Break up the monochrome with black and white patterns like a print of a Rorschach test, or other black and white photography. Your office will have an air of sophistication, while also communicating that you're here to get stuff done. You can further enhance this look with metal shelving, exposed concrete and bare metal piping as long as you keep the overall aesthetic minimalist to preserve the simple, clean lines this office space provides.

Our collection of Midnight and Obsidian Wall Art is perfect for achieving this look with graffiti styles large word art, cityscapes, and maps in black, white, and blue palettes.

Motivational feminine framed print in a bohemian home office interior
Featured Art: Frida by Jeanette Tertentes

Female Empowerment

This look celebrates strong, sensual designs with bright, complex colors and shapes, paired with simple, empowering word art. The key stylistic features here are dark lines, black and white photos, mixed with primary colors and complex backdrop patterns for a hint of bohemian whimsy. For this office style, consider freestanding desk and drawer units that can be easily moved around. Accent your office with plenty of plants and succulents to add organic shapes and swoops to your visual flare. You could even use a heavily patterned wallpaper instead of a solid paint color in a Moroccan floral style.

Our collection of Female Empowerment Art is a great place to start to get ideas for this look with stylized pictures of Frida Kahlo, oversized prints of Vogue Magazine, and large, colorful word art.

Vintage bird framed print in a classic and stylish home office
Featured Art: Great American Hen by John James Audubon

Old Meets New

If you can't decide between modern flare and the classic, why not both? Inspired by real, working interior designers, this style combines natural elements like reclaimed woods that are deep and dark such as walnut, mahogany, or even stained cherry. This contrasts with stark white surfaces and walls and is accentuated with heavy, abstract art. Gold provides a nice bright break in all the heavy solid colors. The overall effect is pure visual opulence. Add to the refined, sophisticated look with wrap around library shelves that cleanly display your important books. A simple geometric rectangular crystal chandelier along with mock white or black fur makes your office space both cozy and chic.

Our collection of Office Wall Art features many pieces that would fit in great with this design aesthetic from oil painting prints featuring ships on stormy seas. Add a float frame for extra panache. Pair with large black and white word art, photography, and dark abstracts.