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  1. Millipede in defensive posture, Panguana Nature Reserve, Peru
  2. Red Admiral Butterfly, Caterpillar, And Pupae (Vanessa Atalanta)
  3. Prey
  4. Subarctic Darner newly emerged as imago from its exuvium, Overijssel, Netherlands
  5. Giant Owl Butterfly (Caligo memnon) on Heliconia tropical plant
  6. Caterpillar & Moth III
  7. Buggin Out II
  8. A spider waits in her web, Astoria, Oregon
  9. Cricket
  10. Angular-Winged Katydid (Microcentrum Rhombifolium)
  11. May Beetle (Phyllophaga Drakei)
  12. Forest Giant Owl Butterfly
  13. Crackled Butterflies I
  14. I am back to you
  15. Arizona Horned Devil Caterpillar, Citheronia regalis sinaloensis, Native to Arizona
  16. Buggin Out III
  17. Miss Butterfly Agenor Profil - Orange
  18. Spider beetles, Mezium affine, at Western Kentucky University
  19. Lady Bugs
  20. Rise Of The Guardian
  21. Oregon, Keizer, funnel web spider
  22. Leaning to Fly
  23. Atlas Moth male, Malaysia
  24. Buggin Out V
  25. Leafcutter Ant (Atta columbica) workers cutting leaves, Barro Colorado Island, Panama
  26. Paper Wasp (Vespidae)
  27. Nut Weevil (Curculio Proboscideus)
  28. Armyworm Moth, Caterpillar, And Pupae (Mythimna Unipuncta)
  29. Gossamer Wings II
  30. Slapdash Butterfly
  31. Postcard Butterfly III
  32. Butterfly On A Green Branch; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  33. Smaller European Elm Bark Beetle (Scolytus Multistriatus)
  34. Violet Butterflies IV
  35. Praying Mantis, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
  36. Bugs and Flowers
  37. A Salt Creek tiger beetle, Cicindela nevadica lincolniana
  38. A Skipper butterfly seeks nectar from a Chilean Aster, Astoria, Oregon
  39. Buggin Out II
  40. TEEN All Aflutter
  41. Caddis Fly (Ptilostomis Semifasciata)
  42. Mission Blue Butterfly (Icaricia Icarioides Missionensis)
  43. An orb weaver spider tends her web, Astoria, Oregon
  44. Striped Cucumber Beetle (Acalymma Vittata)
  45. Spring Cankerworm (Paleacrita Vernata)
  46. Beetle I
  47. Cicada-Killer Wasp Dragging A Paralyzed Cicada Into Its Burrow
  48. Butterfly I