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  1. Knight In War Harness
  2. Joan Of Arc At The Coronation Of Charles VII
  3. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For King Lear By William Shakespeare
  4. Instruments Of Mathematical Precision For Executing Portraits
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci 1452 To 1519 Florentine Artist
  6. The British Telephone Exchange In London, 1883
  7. Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese Explorer
  8. Treaty Of Madrid, 14 January 1526, Between Carlos V And Francisco I Of France
  9. Mr W.B. Yeats Presenting Mr George Moore To The Queen Of The Fairies
  10. The Seat of Repentance
  11. Gallic Clothing in 5th Century, Farmers and Nobles, 19th Century Color Engraving
  12. Cries Of London, 1759
  13. Strasbourgeoise, 1885
  14. Fairy Tale Illustration, Prince and Princess
  15. Galileo
  16. Misery, by Charlotte Bouten, 1880-95
  17. 19th Century Field Workers Reaping Wheat Harvest
  18. The Winter's Tale, Act V, Scene III, A Chapel In Paulina's House
  19. Victoria's First Council, Kensington Palace, 21 June 1837
  20. Gallic Warrior in Antiquity, French 19th Century Color Engraving
  21. King Louis Philippe I Awards Henri Monnier medal of the National Guard
  22. Election Poster for Grover Cleveland
  23. Monstrosities of 1819 and 1820, by George Cruikshank, George Humphrey, 1819
  24. Napoleonic Wars, Joachim Murat charging at the Head of his Cavalry, By Louis Bombled
  25. The Sinner At The Hour Of His Death
  26. Washington And Gist Visit Indian Queen Alliquippa
  27. Public Meeting Suffragettes in Berlin, Early 20th Century, Color Engraving
  28. Swords of France, Grenadier Guards Charging, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  29. Otto von Bismarck with Adolphe Thiers and Jules Faure
  30. As You Like It, Act V, Scene IV, The Forest
  31. Murat Recovers the Sword of Francis I of France Surrended at Pavia 1525
  32. George II, 1683
  33. Lady Jane Grey's Reluctance To Accept The Crown, Sion House, July 8th 1553
  34. 19th Century Italian Shepherd With His Dog And Sheep Playing Bagpipes
  35. Mans Suit, by Marc-Luc, pub. 1923 (pochoir print)
  36. The First Preaching Of Christianity In Britain
  37. St. Bernard Of Clairvaux Preaching The Second Crusade
  38. A Hindu Widow Committing Sati, 19th Century Engraving
  39. Louis Mandrin, French smuggler, Tax Evader, and Highwayman, of 18th Century
  40. Self portrait while drawing, 1648
  41. Book Cover 'Les epees de France' By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  42. Funeral Of Father Junipero Father Junipero Serra Jose Miguel Serra Y Ferrer, 1883
  43. The Merchant Of Venice, Act III, Scene III, Venice A Street
  44. Oliver Cromwell Preaching To A Puritan Congregation
  45. Goldsmith
  46. From Life And Reminiscences Of Gustave Dore, 1885
  47. The Battle of Fontenoy, May 11, 1745, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  48. French Noble Lady Wearing a Morning Negligee, in 1676, 19th Century Color Engraving