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  1. An Unspoken Bond
  2. Lean On Me
  3. Love Birds
  4. Emperor Penguin pair, Snow Hill Island, Antarctica
  5. Lovers
  6. Blue-footed Booby pair performing courtship dance, Punta Cevallos, Ecuador
  7. Bull moose and cow nuzzle during rutting season in the Chugach Mountains
  8. Friends
  9. Swan Dreams
  10. Masai giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi) in a forest, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
  11. Heart Twins Equine
  12. Love
  13. Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Sonesta island, a couple of colourful parrots
  14. Courtship
  15. Otters Holding Hands
  16. Bird Love
  17. Elephants in Love
  18. Siberian Tiger cubs in snow
  19. Birds on a Wire - Love on Cream
  20. Good Friends
  21. In Love
  22. Strike a Paws V
  23. All You Need Is Love
  24. Love Is Give And Take Pugs Black
  25. Emperor Penguin family
  26. Boho Love Birds
  27. Pair of lynx kittens lying on rock, Minnesota
  28. Pair Of Mute Swans Embracing Against A Blue Water Background
  29. Emperor Penguincourting pair, Atka Bay, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
  30. Fondness
  31. Moggies, 1994
  32. Love Birds I
  33. Hoo Loves You
  34. Close up view of Sea Otters huddled together Prince William Sound Southcentral Alaska
  35. Love Birds
  36. Nose to Nose, 2016
  37. Sea Horses in Love
  38. Love Birds III
  39. The Lioness
  40. Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) pair fighting over a fish, Usedom, Germany
  41. Boho Love Bears
  42. Brown Bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska
  43. Penguins With Love Hearts
  44. Northern Fur Seals with their pups in the breeding rookery summer
  45. Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni) babies, Costa Rica
  46. Lighthearted I
  47. Cute Couture III
  48. Lighthearted II