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  1. The Outback from orbit
  2. The beauty of the Bahamas is surreal - every blue that exists
  3. Moonrise
  4. Newfoundland glowing on a lovely Spring evening
  5. Montreal, it's Hockey Night in Canada!
  6. The unbelievable colours of the Bahamas from space
  7. London, on the Thames, from The City to the encircling motorway
  8. From Ontario to Superior, the Great Lakes in mid-March, as seen from Earth orbit
  9. Berlin at night, from space. The light bulbs still show the East/West division.
  10. Earth and the Moon
  11. Progress approaching to dock with the Space Station
  12. Atlanta, Georgia, clearly visible from the Space Station
  13. Winnipeg, Manitoba. The river floodway diversion looks smart from space
  14. Our atmosphere acts as a lens, distorting the sun as it crosses the horizon
  15. A lot of the Australian Outback looks like somebody spilled something on it
  16. Earth's Pinwheel - the Richat Structure in Africa
  17. Toronto in snow - seen from the International Space Station
  18. The view from inside
  19. One of the coolest space sights on Earth. It's called the Richat Structure.
  20. Key Largo, Florida
  21. Huge swirls in the sea off of Mumbai, India
  22. Cloud and shadow, late afternoon over the Ganges River delta
  23. Canada's east coast, so vividly joined to the sea
  24. Full Moon rising
  25. The Rockies are beautiful, and very much so from orbit
  26. The Australian Outback
  27. Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan. One of the busiest border crossings.
  28. Cleveland, OH, on the Erie south shore. Home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
  29. A beautifully clear February day over Newfoundland, with St. Pierre et Miquelon too
  30. Wales - rugged, proud and uniquely beautiful
  31. Calgary at night, shining in the foothills of the Rockies.
  32. Earth, Moon and spaceship
  33. Soyuz in the Desert - coming up to dock with the Sahara below
  34. Florida Keys, Everglades
  35. San Francisco, California
  36. Our Sun is immensely, unfathomably powerful
  37. Boston at night, glowing under a trace of fog
  38. Washington, DC - the Beltway and the Mall both visible from Earth orbit
  39. There may never be a clearer picture of the Isle of Wight from space
  40. Philadelphia, PA - the well-lit City of Liberty, Rocky, Brotherly Love and Cheese Steak
  41. African inland delta - surreal natural Medusan art
  42. Huron, Erie and Ontario - Great Lakes in Spring flow
  43. Weightlessness is a constant delight - we're able to fly
  44. The Australian Outback is effortlessly, crazily beautiful
  45. Looking for the approaching Soyuz
  46. The Andes mountains have an unbelievable richness of colour and texture
  47. The Golden Gate Bridge from space, and if you look closely, its shadow
  48. Halifax, Nova Scotia, on a crystal clear day