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  1. Anne Fairchild Bowler, by John Singleton Copley, 1778
  2. Ulysses, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1827
  3. Apotheosis of Homer, By Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1827
  4. View of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, By Jacques Louis David, 1794, Louvre Museum
  5. Portrait of Archduke Ferdinand I and Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria
  6. Madame Seurat, the Artist's Mother, c. 1882-3
  7. Pope Benedict XIV presenting the Encyclical 'Ex Omnibus' to the Comte de Stainville
  8. Arco de Settimo Severo
  9. A Young Girl Reposing, by Jan Adam Kruseman, 1827
  10. William Penn's Treaty With The Indians, 1682
  11. Drawing By The French Painter Ingres
  12. Mother and Her Family in the Country, 1806-1807
  13. Portrait of Ramon Pichot. Ca. 1905
  14. Washington, D.C., Capitol
  15. Study for The Tennis Court Oath, June 20, 1789, By Jacques Louis David, 1791
  16. Woman Sitting, Curled up, after 1778
  17. The Stoning of Stephen, By Annibale Carracci, 16th century, Louvre Museum
  18. Madame de Pastoret and Her Son, 1791-92
  19. General Etienne-Maurice Gerard (1773-1852)
  20. Mrs. Daniel Hubbard, c.1764
  21. View of the Temple of Cybele in the Piazza of the Bocca della Verite, 1750-59
  22. Miss Crewe, By Sir Joshua Reynolds, Circa 1775
  23. The Departure of Marcus Attilius Regulus for Carthage, 1785-86
  24. Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy, From Piranesi
  25. Self-Portrait
  26. Time Unveiling Truth
  27. St. Peter's, Rome, Italy
  28. Pope Pius VII in the Sistine Chapel, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
  29. Landscape with Saint John on Patmos, 1640
  30. Marat Murdered
  31. Lucia
  32. St. John the Baptist
  33. Veduta della du Chiese della Madonna
  34. The Adoration Of The Shepherds, C1633
  35. The Departure Of Marcus Attilius Regulus For Carthage
  36. Une Elegante, Woman strolling, c. 1884
  37. The Death of Procris, 1770, retouched 1803
  38. Samuel Johnson, mezzotint by William Doughty after 1772
  39. Portrait of Pope Pius VII (1742-1823), 1805
  40. Antiochus Ill In Bed As His Doctor Discovers His New Mother Is The Cause
  41. Amedee-David, the Comte de Pastoret, 1823-26
  42. The Lottery In Piazza Di Montecitorio By Giovanni Paolo Panini, Dated 18th Century
  43. Mary Bethel Boude, 1755-6
  44. Don Pedro of Toledo Kissing the Sword of Henri IV of France (15th c.) 1831
  45. 18th Century European Oil Painting Of Antoine-Laurent De Lavoisier And His Wife
  46. Portrait of Miguel Utrillo. Ca. 1900
  47. Veduta della Villa Medici
  48. Veduta interna della Chiesa della Madonna