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  1. Isaac Massa and Beatrix van der Laen, by Frans Hals, c. 1622
  2. Venus Rising From The Waves, C1766
  3. The Old Italian Woman
  4. Helena Fourment
  5. Diana and Calisto
  6. Prince Balthasar Carlos (1629-49) Dressed as a Hunter, 1635-36
  7. Continence of Alexander the Great, Detail of kneeling women, 1743
  8. Temple of Janus, 1630s
  9. Militia Company of District XI Under the Command of Captain Reynier Reael, 1637
  10. Diana Leaving Her Bath, 1742, By Francois Boucher, Louvre Museum
  11. Portrait Of Isabella Brant By Anthony Van Dyck
  12. Equestrian Portrait of Louis XIV (1638-1715) c.1668
  13. Mr and Mrs John Gravenor and their Daughters, Elizabeth and Ann
  14. Francis Basset, Lord de Dunstanville, c. 1786
  15. Coronation Of The Virgin With Four Saints, 1595-1596. National Gallery, Italy
  16. Queen Zenobia Addressing Her Soldiers, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
  17. Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist, by Guido Reni, 1640-1642
  18. The Stolen Kiss
  19. Portrait of a Young Artist, presumed to be Jacques-Andre Naigeon (1738-1810)
  20. Supper at Emmaus, 1620
  21. St. Matthew and the Angel, by Caravaggio, 1602. San Luigi dei Francesi Church, Rome
  22. Archangel Raphael and Tobias, Ca. 1637-1639
  23. Equestrian Portrait of Philip III
  24. Mr, and Mrs, Andrews, 1750, By Thomas Gainsborough, English, oil on canvas
  25. Wooded landscape with village scene, early 1770-72
  26. St Basil, 1620
  27. Malle Babbe, 1869
  28. Madonna With Child, Young St. John, Sts. Benedict, Margaret and Cecilia
  29. Life of Pulcinella, Pulcinella in Love, 1797
  30. View of Delphi with Procession
  31. Prince Charles Louis, Elector Palatine and his Brother, Prince Rupert, 1637
  32. St. Matthew and the Angel, by Caravaggio, 1602. San Luigi dei Francesi Church, Rome
  33. Aurora, by Guido Reni, 1614. Casino of Rospigliosi Pallavicini Palace, Rome, Italy
  34. A Game of Horse and Rider, c. 1775-80
  35. The Death of the Virgin, 1605-06
  36. View on the Cannaregio Canal, Venice, by Francesco Guardi, c. 1775-80
  37. The Supper at Emmaus, 1601
  38. Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Pink Gown
  39. The Judgement of Solomon, c. 1617
  40. The Love Letter, Johannes Vermeer, 1669-1670
  41. The Cascade
  42. Philip IV of Spain, c.1656
  43. Jupiter and Danae
  44. The Conspiracy of the Batavians under Claudius Civilis, by Rembrandt, 1661-62
  45. Equestrian Portrait of Philip III, 1629-35
  46. Girl with a Book Seated in a Park, c.1750
  47. George Washington
  48. Daniel in the Lions' Den, engraved by Abraham Blooteling