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  1. Beautiful Accidents Rainbow Pride Mix
  2. Stay
  3. Sacred Dragon Heart
  4. The Sins Of Our Past Become The Monsters Of Our Present II
  5. Van Gogh's Shooting Stars 8
  6. Twitch's Last Dance
  7. Van Gogh's Sunflower Paradise
  8. Van Gogh's Sunflower Petals
  9. You Can't Save Me From Myself
  10. The Other Side Of Suffering
  11. Yesterday's Tomorrow And The Gateway Of Rapture
  12. Where Time Falls
  13. Holding On To Letting Go
  14. Say Hello To Goodbye
  15. Van Gogh's Shooting Stars 7
  16. Van Gogh's North Star And The Starry Night
  17. On The Broken Road Between Reality And Truth
  18. Van Gogh's Shooting Stars 9
  19. When Life Breaks You Down, Recreate Yourself
  20. Sacrifices And Second Chances (The Day Eye Made The Devil Blink)
  21. Forever Free Falling
  22. Transition
  23. We're All Lost But At Least We're Lost Together
  24. Heaven's Encore
  25. The Boy In The Box
  26. Sixty-One Second Minute
  27. With My Demons In The Pale Moon Light
  28. Infinity
  29. Beneath The Wings Of Free Swan (Deanne's Song)
  30. Dad, I'm Coming Home
  31. Silver Linings For Birds Of Paradise
  32. Burning Out With The Sunset (Is Better Than Fading Away)
  33. Beautiful Accidents Yellow Aura Mix
  34. I Will Never Let You Love Me (Because I Could Never Love Myself)
  35. Small Wounds Grow To Large Wounds
  36. Across The Spectrum
  37. Regenaissance Polyversikube 1
  38. The Sins Of Our Past Become The Monsters Of Our Present I
  39. The Soliloquy Of Stranger (Straliloquy)
  40. Forever And Ever (Detail)
  41. Blutiful
  42. Paradise Point
  43. Towards The Sky
  44. Van Gogh's Shooting Stars
  45. Of The Infinites (Intimafancy Detail Shot)
  46. Symphony Of Silence (S.O.S.)
  47. Forever And Ever
  48. Amandeverence